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simple building, mobile store building

Midjourney Prompts 

<> <> mix them and make 3d building, simple building, mobile store building, apple store building, Raw materials similar to raw materials for administrative buildings, modern Egyptian building, curved entrance, foggy render with atmospheric volumetric morning lighting, very realistic, photorealistic, Hd, 8k, ultra high detail, sunny weather, daylight, insanely detailed and intricate, artificial lighting, cactus landscaping,contemporary architecture, rendered, sense of belonging, warm lighting vray, majestic, swirl clouds, 16k ultra hd, fine detail, 3d scanned materials, unreal engine, Octane render, hyper realistic, very bright picture, realistic style, Iconic architectural masterpiece, warm colors, volume entrance, protruding facades, cars, summer, evening, grassland, beautiful real sky, cloud


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