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realistic portrayal of Photorealistic demon

Midjourney Prompts 

<> make an imagine of a In the image, there's a highly detailed and realistic portrayal of Photorealistic demon,3/4 body,glammetalpunk mannequin, liquid glam metal, shiny/glossy, photorealistic is shown with its horns in a pose, in the style of characteristic comic book art, nightcore, close-up intensity, dragoncore, junglecore, marvel comics, dark purple and dark gray The demon is depicted in a confrontational pose, with its fists clenched, giving it a human-like posture and a strong, determined expression. Its skin is textured with various bumps and spots, mimicking a natural dragon skin, with rich black and white hues that give it a lifelike appearance. The demons eyes are glowing black focused and direct, adding to the intensity of its stance, the demon has demonic symbol tattoos. The background is a muted black, ensuring that the demon is the central focus of the image. --ar 9:16 --niji 6 --s 1000


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